Modern contract documentation, including commercial leases often provide for disputes to be referred to Arbitration if the parties cannot agree upon an issue.

When the dispute relates to the level of rent to be paid at rent review, the amount of the service charge payable or the rental under the terms of a renewal lease (PACT Arbitration) we are able to assist you with the process.

Peter Hitchcock MA FRICS has considerable experience in the valuation of commercial & industrial properties. With over 40 years of extensive experience, Peter is often appointed by the President of the RICS to resolve disputes of this nature as Arbitrator or Independent Expert. These appointments may also be made by agreement of the parties to the lease so if you are looking for a respected dispute resolver in the commercial property market we are well placed to assist.

Peter is also called upon to resolve Capital Valuation disputes in Option or Sale contracts.

Please contact one of our specialists who will be happy to carry out an initial analysis of your case and discuss your options with you at no cost.

To find out more about arbitration contact Peter Hitchcock.