Is a certain property still available?

Our online property database is kept as up to date as possible. Search here for information by street and town. Of course, the situation changes on a daily basis and if you wish to progress your interest, or if you have seen one of our boards but cannot find the property listed, it is worth telephoning us on 0151 227 3400 or emailing from here for an update

What type of property do you specialise in? 

This website gives you a flavour of the type of properties which we handle and the geographical area we cover. We are primarily concerned with commercial property and development land in the North West.

You have a board on a property but I cannot find it on this website.

Please search this website by reference to street and town. If you cannot find the property on our online database, call us on 0151 227 3400 for information or email us from here. The property may have been sold or we may have an alternative premises which does not have a board on which is similar and may suit you.

Do you deal with residential?

If you are looking to buy a house or have one valued, we cannot help you. We do, however, deal with residential development land.

Where is your office?

We are 50 yards from the Town Hall in Liverpool City Centre – see the map in our contacts section.

Is commercial property a good investment?

As a long-term investment, property usually performs well. However, in order to appraise the opportunity thoroughly, you will need to be well advised. If you are thinking of buying a retail or other commercial property as an investment, you will find that we are able to give assistance. The credit crunch  made the purchase of commercial property more difficult as the banks reviewed their exposure to the property sector. Many existing investors have seen the value of their holdings fall. However experience suggests that values  perform well in the long term subject to cyclical adjustment. When values are low the shrewd investor takes advantage and buys.

How do I make sure my rent increase is not too big?

Your lease will give you protection but do not leave things too late. Talk to us before your rent is reviewed. It is very unusual for us not to be able to give value for money in assisting clients to ensure that the amount of the rental increase is minimised. In the current market tenants should be reviewing their occupation continually as opportunities will arise to renegotiate more favourable terms before review or lease expiry.

Can my landlord refuse to offer me a new lease?

Not usually. You are usually protected by legislation. Your landlord can renegotiate the terms of the lease if he complies and it is essential that you also respond in the correct way so that you do not lose the protection which you have. You really need an expert on your side to ensure that your interests are protected and that the terms of the new lease and rent go no further than the landlord is entitled. As with the previous question, don’t leave it too late to consult. Give yourself time to consider the situation.

My rating assessment is too high can you help me?

Yes, you can contact the relevant person through our contacts section of this site.

Can you help me find a property where you are not acting?

Yes, we offer a service acting for purchasers and new tenants as well as acting for vendors and landlords. We are often aware of properties being in the market before a board is placed on them.

Do you just deal with Merseyside?

We have a wide geographical spread depending on the type of property, which you require. Our database will give you a flavour of this.

Do you have a list of available property?

You can find an extensive list of available properties are on database or we will be happy to forward to you our up to date Shops, Industrial or Offices Lists. Email us or telephone us to receive this.

Do you sell land?


Do you sell investment property?

Yes.  Visit our property database or contact us by email or telephone.  Tell us your requirements and we will see whether we can help you.